Phase Zero

>>> 01.22 _ 04.22
The prizepool for the Competitive Players of Frontier starts from a flat basis of USD 1,000,000.00.
A certain percentage of all sales are now redirected to the same pool until the battle begins.
Stellar Key Holders Royalties are now active and being stocked for later distribution.
We are currently setting up the proper, compliant way to channel them back to Stellar Key holders.
Tokenomics are being worked on with the help of multiple actors such as FocusLabs, Accuracy, Ekino, and a selection of DAOs/individuals.
As soon as the tokenomics are ready, they will be submitted as a proposal to Data Key holders.
Community Rewards
We will distribute all remaining rewards, including but not limited to:
— Secret Elemental Watcher* for the four elementals holders.
— The Community Watchers* based on team and community votes.
— Savage Watchers Interactive Skin* for the Savage Watcher holder.
— Stellar Keys for Missing Watcher Story NFTs owners.
— SK3L3T0N & Stellar Key Giveaways
* Eligible for Stellar Key Redemption

And more importantly, we will launch a new text-based PvP Discord Game with a USD 30,000.00 Prizepool.
The phase Zero of 2022 is mostly dedicated to Tokenomics, Game Economy Design and Legal Compliances such as Royalties Structure, AMF Certificate Obtention and IP Protection.
It is important for us to setup rock solid foundations for the project to grow and evolve in a safe and virtuous environment.

Phase One

>>> 05.22 _ 08.22
All Merch Gifts from the Genesis Week will be sent out to the thousand of selected winners.
They are made with qualitative fabrics, custom labels, and top-notch printing techniques.

All Merch Tokens will be redeemable for their respective Exclusive Frontier Products.
They range from industrial-level figurines up to Physical Stellar Keys (including the NFT).
Several notable partnerships will be announced and worked out during this period.
This includes Frontier x Richard Orlinski's Generative Collection, a potential cross-over with Treeverse and the deployment of AR/VR Features for the existing and upcoming Frontier NFTs. 
The co-development studio of our Game will be revealed as well and will attend several AMAs with the community.
Whitepaper & ICO
It is expected that our ICO will take place during this period of the year.
The whitepaper will be released publicly to the community alongside the ICO of our Game Tokens, both of which are being prepared with the help of our main financial partners (FocusLabs, Accuracy, Ekino, and advising DAOs).

The Blacklist
The Black Box Series Two, and the release of our new interactive product 'The Black Pack' will be available for purchase.
Data Key Holders will be automatically put on The Blacklist for a private minting window and a privileged access to special editions.
Switch to Layer-2
We are committed to building a Game that is both ecologically and financially responsible for the players.
Frontier Game will run on Layer-2 Solution that retroactively integrates all Genesis NFTs and utilities.
API & Marketplace
Custom APIs for Blockchain Integration into Frontier Game, and our proprietary Frontier Marketplace will be developed and released alongside a new website.
The goal is to prepare a scalable foundation to welcome the Game, its related Softwares and our Community at public launch.
Generative Battle Pass
Distributed to all Zero & Zero S holders, our Generative Battle Pass will be integrated in Frontier Game as a social feature.
They will also provide unique rarity traits connected to different utilities such as Royalty Splits. 
We are already working on a Frontier Gameplay Reveal that merges Cinematic CGI with Live Gameplays Moments to give everyone a fair and complete overview of what we are about.
This being supervised by our key partners Ubisoft, we plan on releasing it simultaneously to the distribution of our Generative Battle Pass to create a powerful marketing momentum. 
Phase One is key.
This is when dreams turn into reality for both the core team and our community.

While we are keeping things organic and analytic in Phase Zero, this Phase One marks the beginning of our Marketing, PR & Partnerships strategies to break the internet.

We have a significant budget exclusively allocated to our marketing, communication, and a variety of stunts/content to be deployed during this pre-launch period.

Game Launch

>>> 07.22 _ 10.22
When can you play Frontier?
Alpha Game Launch for Public Release is expected between July and October 2022.

We are intentionally giving a 4-months fork because we know we can safely and fully commit to it.

Timing will get more precise as we approach it and may vary depending on development workflow, marketing strategy and external events — in the meantime, note that October is our most pessimistic deadline and Barcode-Man (our founder) himself will probably jump out of a window if the game isn't ready by then.
The Alpha Launch of Frontier Game is certainly going to be a memorable event for everyone involved, but also for the crypto-community as a whole.

We truly believe our game can change what people know about DeFi and Gaming, and we are positioned at the right time - with the right concept, to make such a difference.

Phase Two

>>> 09.22 _ 12.22
Crafting Mechanics, and their In-Game Integration will be enabled for all players to freely merge and create exclusive Skins & Flash Blocks.
Beta Access
The Beta Access will be prepared and released for non-crypto players.
This means a free-to-play, plug and play version of Frontier that allows mass adoption and respects both worlds.
Galactic Conquest
Introducing Territories — i.e. the upper, strategic layer of Frontier Game.
Galactic Conquest will be an integral part of Frontier Game and will be tied to its ecosystem.
Phase Two is where we develop further, and build Frontier Game as we see it in its fullest form.

Not only are the few key points mentioned above a part of this phase, but literally everything else we ever imagined for Frontier — such as Seasonal Themes, Live Events, new maps and additional features.