Frontier Premium

Discover the exclusive perks and rewards of our 3,500 Key Holders.

Get regular rewards
directly in your account

Depending on whether you own a Data Key or a Stellar Key, you will be receiving different type of rewards through Airdrops, Free Claims and Faucet features.

Unlock special access
on everything we build

Discover our Premium platform and unlock all data, join our private meetings and exchange with other Premium Members in your private Discord channel.

Receive Game Coins based on performance

Claim your Game Coins for being a Premium Member of Frontier and use them however you wish.
They will always be distributed proportionally.
Which advantages do you get?
Premium Rewards
Receive regular rewards such as Free NFTs, Game Coins and Exclusive Skins.
Premium Access
You are automatically entered into our selective list of Alpha and Patch Testers.
Create and vote on proposals to build the Frontier of tomorrow with likeminded people.
Game Coins
All Premium Members are proportionally rewarded by receiving Game Coins.

Different ways to become premium

Get a Black Box
on OpenSea and open it to receive a Data Key for free.
Burn a Rarible Watcher
with your Data Key to upgrade for a Stellar Key.
Collect on OpenSea
directly and don't wait to join the ranks of our Premium Members.

Become Premium

Get your Data Key