What is

Discover Frontier: a skills-and-strats 1v1 Battle Game set in the mysterious universe of Watcher S/N 404.
Explore the guide below to get a rundown on the essentials.

Objective of the Game

  • Conquer the world

    The Beyond offers a dynamic, simulated world to conquer. Discover its deepest secrets and prepare clutch moments.

  • Defeat enemy cannons

    On each side, defensive cannons stand between your soldiers and the enemy base. Destroy them and clear your path.

  • Unleash your abilities

    Both players can equip and use powerful abilities called Flash Blocks. Use them wisely and outplay your opponent!

  • Destroy the enemy base

    The Core is at the heart of both player's bases. Destroy the enemy Core before they destroy yours to win the game.

Earn rewards

Have fun discovering Frontier while earning all kinds of gifts, from special badges to exclusive skins!
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