'Frontier' is a community-driven Online PvP Game that aims to run global competitions.

The concept has been developed by a passionate team of experienced creatives and game devs.
Meanwhile, we have been working hard on producing a deep cinematic lore via The Missing Watcher.

We are uncompromising about making the dream come true and delivering a high-quality product.
Even more so that we are working closely with a fantastic team of partners helping us on many dimensions.

Brace yourselves for the incoming era:
Playable items and rewarding gameplays.


Discover our NFTs and their utilities

Discover the Roadmap

How to get the Stellar Key?

In order to get a Stellar Key, you have to burn:

• 1 x Watcher from Rarible's Contract

• 1 x Data Key

This will burn both items and re-mint your Watcher onto the Frontier Collection.

Watchers on the Frontier Collection are not eligible for a Stellar Key.
However, they keep their Tokens Allocations accordingly to their Tier.

What is The Black Box?

The Black Box is a virtual item that is part of Frontier Game.

It is a Pack of (2) Flash Blocks.
You can open your Black Box and receive two (2) random Flash Blocks of any rarity tier.

The Flash Blocks are abilities you can use during the player-vs-player battles of Frontier Game.

You can also to decide to keep it closed, which will trigger something else in December.

What are the Flash Blocks?

Flash Blocks are weapons and shields, traps and hacks.
They are abilities you can use during the battles.

Whether you are attacking or defending a sector, you can use up to two of them.
Depending on their effects, you can dramatically impact the outcome of a battle.

Be careful, all blocks have a cooldown after being used.

How do I play Frontier Game?

For the best experience of Frontier Game, we recommend owning a Set of Block.

A complete Set of Block must include:

✚ 2 x Flash Blocks
They are unique in-game abilities.

✚ 1 x Glitch Block
The Glitch Block is your ultimate weapon.

Note that the Game will always remain free-to-play and accessible to everyone.

What is a Glitch Block?

The Glitch Block is your ultimate weapon.

They are extremely powerful abilities and their cooldown is much longer than the Flash Blocks.
Regularly available at random and unexpected times, you will find them on the Glitch Page.

How do I get Flash and Glitch Blocks?

You can get Flash Blocks by opening as many Black Boxes as you desire.

You can get Glitch Blocks by collecting them directly on The Glitch page.
The price remains the same regardless of the rarity but the amount of editions can vary.

How does the rarity works?

We will never alter the rarity of any block.

All Blocks are labeled by one of the following tiers:

✚ Classic Tier
These are the most-common blocks.
Their supply is likely to keep reducing as people will merge them.
✚ Epic Tier
These are the less common blocks.
Their supply is limited from 1000 to 200 editions.

✚ Stellar Tier
These are the most valuable blocks.
Their supply is limited from 100 to 10 editions.

✚ ACME Tier
There is only one edition of this block in the entire game.
Some say it doesn't exist, but we heard it can be crafted.

Do the Blocks have utilities?

Yes. Besides being in-game playable items, they have special features.

You can:
✚ Merge your Flash Blocks
✚ Upgrade your Flash Blocks
✚ Craft Exclusive Flash Blocks

For example:
Burning three (3) Classic Tier Flash Blocks will result in one (1) Epic Edition Flash Block.
Burning two (2) Epic Tier Flash Blocks will result in one (1) Stellar Edition Flash Block.

Depending on which Flash Blocks you merge together, the result will differ.

Can I transfer my Blocks?

Yes, you can.
It will automatically disappear from your profile and show on the receiver's profile.

Can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds for any purchases that you might make on or through Frontier platform.

If you faced any issue that caused a prejudice on your end, we will look for a solution together.
If you are having second thoughts or got a block you don't need, we will help you find buyers in the community.

We always try our best to make things work for you, and our support guarantees a personal reply within 24 hours.

What is the Game Token?

The Game Token may have several utilities such as:

✚ Governance (all details will be presented in our whitepaper)
✚ Airdrops (all details will be presented in our whitepaper)
✚ In-Game Utility (all details will be presented in our whitepaper)
✚ Copyrights (all details will be presented in our whitepaper)
✚ Valuation (all details will be presented in our whitepaper)

We are exploring utilities such as Staking, Governance and Royalties.

Note that this is a non-exhaustive list that is subject to change.
The Game Token will go through all legal verifications, requirements and regulations.
It is currently being developed with a team of partners and certified professionals.

What do you do with our funds?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

All funds are meticulously spent back in the project and all its contributors:
✚ 50% goes into the project development (including Game Tokens)
✚ 50% goes into rewards for the players (including Physical Merchs)

We are committed to growing a virtuous circle that rewards early contributors and players.

When can I play the game?

After independently selling millions worth of Game Items and counting thousands of pre-registered players, we are putting more budget in the game development to deliver a flawless, entertaining and fully functional game.

All early adopters will have a special access to the Alpha and Beta releases.
Alpha access is expected early 2022.

Who is the team?

We are more than 30 people and in the process of hiring around 30 additional experts.
We will document the team members when all contracts, agreements and NDAs are signed.

Here are some famous brands our team members worked with:
Walt Disney, Sony, HBO, Netflix, Warner Bros, Epic Games, Universal, Apex, Imagine Dragons... and more.