Hi human.

Frontier is a free-to-play, Online PvP Game that aims to reinvent MOBA and RTS genres.
We are passionate creatives and gamers by heart, so it is primordial for us to stay true to our core values,
Entertainment and Quality.


How to play Frontier?

Frontier will always be 100% free-to-play and fully available to everyone.
Simply Download Frontier (PC) at Public Launch and join us on the battlefield!

When is Frontier coming out?

After registering over 20,000+ early adopters, we aim to deliver a flawless and exciting game.

Alpha Access is expected in Q4 2022.
Beta Access is expected Q1 2023.

Who are we?

We started as a small indie team of five friends who loved to game together at night.
Now, we are more than 60 creatives and experts of all kinds working around Frontier.

Frontier Core Team
Watcher S/N 404 (Project Founder) • Frankie (Project Founder) • Hunter (Tech Head) • Matthew (Tech Lead) • Mikeyla (Art Director) • Rasto (Lead Game Designer) • Nicolas (Game Designer) • Philippe (Unity Dev) • Ryan (Unity Dev) • Firbonacci (Social Media), • Laco (Products & Logistics) • Adrian (Concept Artist) • Adrian B (Concept Artist) • Radka (Concept Artist) • Viktor (Concept Artist) • Vincent (VFX Artist) • Alexander (3D Artist) • Jan (3D Artist) • Mattis (3D Artist) • Nate (3D Artist) • Romina (2D Artist) • Stefano (2D Artist) • Ada (3D Animator) • Aster (Storywriting) • Streetleiz (Community) • Timm (Community) • Roman (UX/UI Dev) • Leopold (Sound Design) • Power Glove (Sound Design) • One True God (Sound Design)

Frontier Official Partners
Ubisoft Entertainment (Key Investors) • Globant (Game Co-Development Studio) • Accuracy (Tokenomics & Financial Strategy) • Rarible (Market and Blockchain Tech) • TechAhead (Tech Development)